Welcome to Family Living Ltd.

Features & Amenities

Electrical Wiring And Fittings:

  • All wiring with standard cables through concealed PVC conduits.
  • All fittings & fixtures will be provided of standard quality as per choice of developer.
  • Provision with power point for air-conditioner in master bed room.

Bathroom Features:

  • All water lines will be concealed.
  • Local fittings & fixtures will be used (as per choice of developer) with Guaranty
  • Mirror in all bathrooms.
  • Local Mir/ Fu-Wang / Sunpower / Great wall / CBC Ceramic tiles (8"*12") will be provided in walls and (12"*12") on floor.
  • Standard quality sanitary fittings (as per choice of developer).
  • Bathroom door frame and shutter will be PVC door.

Kitchen Features:

  • Local Great wall / Fu-Wang / Sunpower / CBC tiles (12"*12") will be provided in walls up to 7' height from the floor.
  • Ceramic tiles (12"*12") will be provided in floors.
  • Double burner gas outlet on concrete platform to support burners.
  • Stainless steel counter top sink.
  • Concrete shelves will be made at standard height from the floor.
  • Exhaust fan suitably located in kitchen.

General features:

  • Secured gate way with spacious entrance and driveway.
  • Covered & protected car park and nicely arranged Reception Lobby, security post, in ground floor.
  • Generator for lift, lighting in common space and two light point and one fan point in each flat.
  • Intercom connection from every apartment to Guard room.

Architectural features:

  • Elegant, disciplined, straight forward planning, abundant natural air & Light facilities, cross ventilation.

Structural features:

  • R.C.C Moment Resisting frame (MRF) with heavy R.C.C footings.
  • Interior and exterior partition wall will be made of 1st class brick.
  • Extra treatment will be taken on top of the roof to protect from heat.
  • Standard Quality Cement will be used in all R.C.C member.
  • De-formed mild steel round bar will be used (BSRM/Kabir/Equivalent).
  • The structure will be designed to withstand forces due to earthquake (as per zone-11 of BNBC code.)


  • Plastic paint on internal wall & ceiling and external walls with water proof paint (Snowcem).


  • Main entrance door will be imported door as per choice of the developer with check viewer, safety lock & apartment number.
  • All other door shutters will be flush door/p.v.c door/importd veneer flush door as per choice of the developer.
  • All doorframes will be made of solid wood except bathrooms.


  • Sliding aluminum window frame with 5 mm tinted glass.
  • Safety Grills in all windows with matching enamel paint.


  • Greatwall / Sunpower / CBC / Mir / Fu-Wang ceramic tiles (12"*12") as per choice of the developer will be provided in floors.