Welcome to Family Living Ltd.

Mission & Vision

Family Living Ltd. is one of the well known companies of the housing industry in Bangladesh and a member of Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB). Family Living Ltd takes pride in the development of Residential apartments and Commercial Buildings.
Family Living Ltd. was established in 2003 as a real estate firm. Since that time the firm has steadily consolidated its expertise in developing projects and has a high reputation in successfully completing of its assignment.

Family Living Ltd. is a multi disciplinary firm engaged in various activities related to Real Estate Development, Consultancy, Construction and other associated business. 
Family Living Ltd 's all construction materials and equipment are procured with great care so as to ensure highest possible standard. FLL is committed to maintain a very high standard in quality control and workmanship. Use of high performance material and high-tech equipment is daily routine for FLL. 
Our Work team : Starting with a handful of staff over three years ago, currently the firm has many professionals and staff Our work team is segmented in Design, Marketing, Procurement, Logistic, Accounts, Engineering team, Customer Service Department. Moreover a skilled and well trained work force of many workers is currently employed at various projects of FLL. 
Family Living Ltd always dedicated to satisfy the need of every class of the society that is why we not only develop Luxury apartment but also the ordinary one. 
Family Living Ltd always use high qualities building materials and finishing products to ensure durability! legibility and customer satisfaction. 
Family Living Ltd constructs in prime locations like Nayapalton, Shantinagor, Khilgaon, Wari, Banosree, Jatribari
Family Living Ltd is always committed to provide Ultimate Living Comfort.